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Quiz, Assessment or Test


Quiz/Assessment or Test

Would you like to add an online course to your company’s training materials? At Course Writer, we are here to make sure your online course is a hit.  However, before you start writing your course materials it’s a good idea to see if you know as much about online learning as you think.  When you take our interactive quiz, you’ll give yourself the chance to learn more about e-learning before you start producing your training materials.  Are you ready to see how good your knowledge is?  Let’s begin.

True or False: Online courses are all about reading materials and rushing through questions at the end


At Course Writer we understand that your employees learn in lots of different ways. Because of this, we’re able to create online courses that use lots of learning formats. For example, research shows that short bursts of video make content more digestible. Additionally, we will work with you to ensure that course participants are able to take part in group activities. By diversifying the way we deliver your course’s content, we’ll increase its chances of success.

What’s the best way to help employees in different countries train to the same standard?

A: Self-directed online learning

B: A blend of online learning and locational input at each branch

C: Training at your head office


When your business has lots of branches in different countries, achieving consistency in training promotes your brand’s identity on a global level. If you leave your employees to direct their online learning experience alone they may not see the full benefits. Additionally, training at your head office might not prove logistically feasible. A blend of online learning and manager-lead training allows you to save money while making sure that employees in different countries all benefit from the same training standards.

Which option has better training outcomes, online learning or classroom-based?

Answer:Online learning

According to research from Walden University, those who participate in online learning see better outcomes than those who use classroom-based learning alone. Although you don’t have to use online learning as your only means of training employees, the university’s research does illustrate why you should use it to complement classroom-based options.

Which three essential tools will you need for a successful e-learning programme?

A: Colleagues with a strong Internet connection, as many graphics as possible, and lots of information on the slides.

B: Employees with a strong Internet connection, slides with lots of information, and a reliable Learning Management System.

C: Employees with a strong Internet connection, slides with lots of white space, and a reliable Learning Management System.


Naturally, a strong Internet connection is essential. While it may seem as though having lots of pretty graphics is an asset, they’re very distracting. Similarly adding too much information to your slides makes them difficult to learn from. Alongside the strong Internet connection which your employees should have, allow for plenty of white space between information points, and ensure you use a reliable learning management system so that there’s no break in their learning experience.

Would you like to know more about e-learning? By contacting the Course Writer team, you can create the perfect package for your business.

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